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News : March 2017

How RAPIX can Benefit Your Business

Are you looking for a dynamic lighting control system for your building? Invest in a RAPIX system today.

Your business will have access to a range of advantages that come with this modern lighting option. At Kerfoot, we can install a custom lighting control system that fits your specific requirements. We choose the best materials and products to ensure quality and adaptability in each space. Contact our team today to find out more about our Kerfoot lighting control projects.

What is RAPIX?

It is a lighting control platform that allows interconnectivity between different lighting networks in your building. The system is made up of a zone controller that integrates DALI and Ethernet, visualisation software, application controllers, and modular switches that combine to form a functional lighting network.  If you are considering a RAPIX lighting control system, take a look at the number of key benefits you can access.

Secure System

Lighting control security is possible with a RAPIX system.  Because of advances in technology, more and more of our devices are communicating with each other (without any human interaction). This means that an unprotected system is potentially compromisable and vulnerable to hacking. A secure system is protected by encryption or authentication processes that prevent unwelcome activity.

Energy Efficient

A RAPIX Lighting Control System could help you save energy in your building. According to the Green B Council of Australia, advanced lighting control systems can reduce energy costs by up to 60% through reduced consumption. You can increase the environmental performance of your building by installing a lighting network that is efficient and simple.

The lighting plan will help to reduce energy consumption in the following manner:

Daylight sensitivity: Sensors detect the natural light in your building and reduce the controlled light according to these natural levels. The system can be configured to suit the ideal level of light required for productivity and comfort.

Selective dimming: You can choose how bright each light shines with selective dimming options. The combined light emitted by a fully lit system may be too bright or less energy efficient. Create your desired environment by configuring unique lighting settings.

Movement sensors: If an area of your building Is unoccupied, you can use movement sensors to automatically switch off the lights. This eliminates unnecessary consumption in rooms that aren’t in use.

Custom time settings: You can create a lighting plan based on clock times. You may choose to increase lighting at a time when you know a specific event occurs in your building or increase/decrease levels based on the time of day.

 System Simplicity

This lighting solution is very popular because of its simplicity. The following points will help you understand why this platform is in high demand:

  • Easy to design
  • Easy to install
  • Interconnected system

The simplicity of this lighting design will allow commercial buildings to cut costs in installation and usage. The process of choosing and implementing a lighting system is simplified with a RAPIX network. There is less hardware to install and less system maintenance. The affordable nature of this system is evident when you combine these benefits with the energy saving costs mentioned above.

Dynamic Options

This lighting control network is renowned for its dynamic nature. You only need to install one system to cover all of your building requirements. There are a range of extra options that make this lighting more dynamic, including the following items:

Personalised options: Your employees can create a lighting environment based on their mood. This can help with productivity and comfort. This is an optional advantage.

Lighting effects: Every building is unique. You might require a certain atmosphere depending on the intended use of the space. You can choose a combination of settings that are distinctive and suitable for your purposes.

Third-party integration: this system can be integrated with third-party systems. The system is PC compatible and easy to blend with existing technology. 

 RAPIX Emergency Lighting

You can install a fully automated emergency lighting system that is compliant with the current Australian safety standards. You may install this option in a range of buildings – it might be a residential building or a large commercial space. If you choose to secure your building with this lighting option, you will have access to the following features:

  • Compliant with national safety standards
  • Secure/password protected
  • Discharge and functionality test capable
  • Easy system monitoring
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Adaptable hardware for different spaces
  • LED driver for mains power replacement

The emergency system will integrate with your existing DALI lighting system. If you have any questions about the system components or installation procedures, get in touch with us today. We have worked on a number of RAPIX projects and we would love to discuss your options.



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